Effective deployment of teaching assistants

18 March 2020

This one-day course builds on the latest research into highly effective teaching assistant practice. Based upon the findings from the EEF research it explores the seven recommendations identified in the report Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants as well as good practice nationally. 

In addition, participants will explore a range of effective teaching and learning strategies that could be used by teaching

  • Become familiar with recent research exploring most effective use of teaching assistants
  • Audit current expertise and identify key elements for future development using National Teaching Assistant Standards.
  • Share elements of good practice (individual/ school based) with other participants
  • Engage with a range of effective teaching and learning strategies to use with small and larger groups of children including whole classes.
  • Reflect on quality assurance processes to ensure TAs have high impact.

Aimed at all schools Heads, senior leaders, middle leaders, department


Session 1 (18/03/2020 08:45 - 15:30 session)
Seminar Host Seminar Name Seminar Schedule
Paul Longden Effective deployment of teaching assistants 18/03/2020 08:45 - 15:30

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