Improving the Effectiveness of Underperforming Teachers

05 October 2020

Creating and maintaining a huge responsibility for the leadership of the school. This one- day course offers guidance and supportive strategies to engage with and improve the performance of underperforming colleagues. This day will consider asupportive programme of tailored support to improve teacher effectiveness.

  • Explore a variety of reasons why teachers’ underperformance may have arisen
  • Consider a range of practical support strategies that seeks to develop and improve the quality of teaching.
  • Ensure that colleagues are self-reflective and provide line managers with ways to develop this in those colleagues who are less so.
  • Examine the role that performance reviews and plans have and look at essential aspects of these.
  • Reflect on a whole school approach to maintaining and developing teacher performance through effective CPD.
  • Explore key factors in recruiting the highest calibre colleagues during the recruitment process.

Aimed at: All schools Heads, senior leaders, middle leaders, department leaders, phase leaders, governors


Session 1 (05/10/2020 08:45 - 15:30 session)
Seminar Host Seminar Name Seminar Schedule
Paul Longden Improving the effectiveness of underperforming teachers 05/10/2020 08:45 - 15:30

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