Helen Morrison

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Helen Morrison

Helen is currently a director of drb Ignite, a school improvement company within the drb Group. Based in Birmingham, drb Ignite provides strategic leadership and curriculum support to educational settings across the country, including nursery, primary, secondary and special schools and academies whether as individuals or as part of a cluster, federation, trust or wider partnership.

As a director of a private company with public sector values, Helen has the achievement and well-being of children and young people at the heart of her commitment to delivering high quality services and products. Her expertise, knowledge, pedagogical understanding and skills, as well as her long experience of working in urban and rural contexts and her up-to-date understanding of the current educational context, are highly valued by all our clients.

Helen provides universally well-received Senior Leader briefings which are held termly at venues across the country to provide information on national educational developments. Senior Leaders welcome the opportunity for succinct, up-to-the- minute information, presented in an engaging way, with practical guidance on current issues.

For more than twenty years Helen led Section 5 Ofsted primary inspections. She has excellent professional knowledge with strong interpersonal skills which enable her to establish effective relationships with schools whilst making secure judgements.

Prior to joining drb Ignite Helen was the Principal Adviser for School Performance and Quality Assurance in Birmingham for seven years. She was responsible for standards and effectiveness in over 300 primary, nursery and special schools primary aged pupils. She led a team of Senior Advisers to ensure that work had maximum impact in raising standards of attainment. She has extensive experience of advising primary schools, with significant expertise in supporting schools working in challenging contexts.

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